Welcome to the Northern Rochester Transportation Study website. The City of Rochester and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) District 6 have completed the Northern Rochester Transportation Study, focused on an area bound by 75th Street NW on the north, 55th Street NW on the south, 50th Avenue NW on the west, and 18th Avenue NW on the east. The overall goal of this effort was to develop a unified transportation improvement plan that can be implemented over time. As a result of the study, projects at 65th Street and 55th Street were identified for implementation over time. Projects are planned for construction to meet anticipated traffic demand time lines as well as improving existing infrastructure. This website will be updated as new information is available. Check back to stay informed about the project and opportunities to participate in the planning process.

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This website contains the following information:

  • Projects: update on the individual projects identified in the NRTS study
  • Overview: a description of the project purpose and intent
  • FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions with responses
  • NRTS History: History of the NRTS development and recommendations
  • Contact: pertinent agency contacts for the project.


65th Street - Looking South towards the interchange

65th Street - Looking North along TH 52 towards 65th Street

65th Street - Looking north just east of TH 52

65th Street - Looking west along 65th Street

65th Street - Looking North towards the Interchange

55th Street - Looking north along TH 52 towards the Interchange

55th Street - Looking North at East ramp intersection

55th Street - Looking North at Clearwater Rd Intersection

55th Street - Looking West along 55th Street towards TH 52