Question: Why was the construction of a new interchange at Highway 52/65th Street proposed?
Question: Are there access spacing issues along Highway 52 with the new interchange constructed at 65th Street?
Question: Why is the reconstruction of the Highway 52/55th Street interchange being proposed?
Question: Why is the realignment of the East Frontage Road (Bandel Road) being proposed?
Question: What is the status of the proposed West Frontage Road?
Question: Will there be auxiliary lanes constructed along Highway 52?
Question: Why is it important to keep local traffic off of Highway 52?
Question: How many homes are proposed for acquisition and when will these homes be acquired?
Question: What considerations are being made for bicyclists and pedestrians as part of the NRTS?
Question: Question: How will the proposed improvements affect air quality?
Question: How much will noise levels increase with the construction of the recommended improvements?
Question: What is the schedule for the NRTS project?
Question: How will these improvements be funded?
Question: Who should I contact if I have further questions about the project?