55th St Phase I

Project Description

The first phase of the 55th Street improvements consists of the widening of the 55th Street bridge in order to provide dual east- and westbound left-turns at the TH 52 on ramps, the widening of the TH 52 on-ramps to accommodate the dual left-turns from 55th Street, the addition of a second northbound right-turn lane on the TH 52 off-ramp, the addition of second southbound left-turn lane on the southbound TH 52 off-ramp, and the revisions to the 55th Street/Clearwater Road intersection to create a right-in/right-out for Clearwater Road north of 55th Street.

Project Status
A staff approved layout was signed and approved in the spring of 2012. Final plans were completed in the fall of 2013.


Staff Approved Layout
55th Phase I Layout  6MB

Categorical Exclusion Documentation
Categorical Exclusion Documentation  6MB

Meeting Minutes
Meeting No. 10 – 6/12/2012  34KB
Meeting No. 9 – 4/13/2012  40KB
Meeting No. 8 – 1/11/2012  68KB
Meeting No. 7 – 12/12/2011  68KB
Meeting No. 6 – 11/14/2011  71KB
Meeting No. 5 – 10/12/2011  73KB
Meeting – Staging Meeting – 9/21/2011  69KB
Meeting No. 4 – 9/14/2011  69KB
Meeting No. 3 – 8/13/2011  42KB
Meeting No. 2 – 7/13/2011  40KB
Meeting No. 1 – 6/1/2011  40KB

55th St Phase I Construction

Project Status
The project Construction was started in the spring of 2014 and completed in the fall of 2014.

Project Cost
The project was awarded to Edward Kraemer & Sons and the project cost associated with recommended Phase I of the 55th Street were $4.7 million.


Project Contact Information

MnDOT Project Manager:
Jeffrey Bunch: Jeffrey.Bunch@state.mn.us
City of Rochester Project Manager
Richard Freese: Rfreese@rochestermn.gov
SRF Consulting Project Manager
Aaron Vacek: avacek@srfconsulting.com

Project Photos

TH52-55th St_2454

Looking North towards the Interchange along TH 52

TH52-55th St_2455

The east ramp intersection during the final stages of construction

TH52-55th St_2500

Looking north at the Clearwater Rd and 55th ST intersection

TH52-55th St_2513

Looking west along 55th Street