55th St Phase II

Project Description 

The second phase of the 55th Street improvements consists of the relocation of the East Frontage Road/Bandel Road intersection approximately 375 feet to the east along 55th Street in order to provide better spacing between the TH 52 east ramps and the east frontage road. There were two options studied for the future relocated 55th Street intersection with the East Frontage Road/Bandel Road, a roundabout or a standard signalized intersection.

Intersection Control Evaluation:

Public Meetings:

  • 55th Street Improvement Project Phase II Open House

Project Status
Preliminary design was started in the fall of 2014. The Preliminary design determined the preferred alternative to be the signalized intersection that will be needed in the 2025 to 2030 timeframe.

Project Cost
The estimated cost associated with the recommended 55th Street Phase II improvements range from $9.6 to 12.2 million for the signalized intersection (cost represents 2015 dollars and includes engineering and construction administration).

Project Layout
55th Street Phase II – Layout   4MB
55th Street Official Street Map  3MB

Project Contact Information
City of Rochester Project Manager
Richard Freese: Rfreese@rochestermn.gov