55th St Phase III

Project Description 

The proposed Phase III conversion to the Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) will help to extend the useful life of the existing 55th Street bridge over TH 52 since it will utilize the existing bridge, as modified by Phase 1, pavement width for the reconfigured lanes. The existing signals at the 55th Street intersections with the TH 52 East and West Ramps will be replaced with simplified two-phased traffic signals at the proposed crossovers.

Project Status
Planning for this project is dependent on obtaining available funding. The design and construction for the project is anticipated to be completed during the 2025-2030 timeframe.

Project Cost
The estimated range of costs associated with recommended Phase III of the 55th Street improvements range from $12.9 to $15.3 million (cost represents 2015 dollars and includes engineering and construction administration).

Project Layout
55th Phase III Layout  6MB

Project Contact Information
City of Rochester Project Manager
Richard Freese: Rfreese@rochestermn.gov